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My first ever attempt at character design in Illustrator

2014-12-11 07:54:40 by gam35guru

Well hey guys n girls, this is more jsut a post to say hi and top announce to the WORLD that this newbie has finally put his pen to tablet and tried to design a character; "Ged the office hero".   Coming from a PROGRAMMING background with a little 3d modelling experience but ZERO concept art (or even stickmen art) experience I am rather happy with my first little creation.

Sure, it's never gonna be as brilliant as all you crazy art gurus out there but I just wanna thank one of your members Jazza (Draw with Jazza) from YouTube for helping me get started in this crazy artistic domain of yours.

I don't know how far I will go, I don't even care to be honest ..... I am a games programmer by trade and at heart but it's always nice to jump into the shoes of an artist for a day/week/month/millenia and see how the other half live.

I respect you.  I love you.  I want to make little diddy gaming babies with ever last one of you.  And that being said, I'm gonna stop before I get banned for cyber stalking haha.

Much love and the greatest of respect to all you guys n girls out there.

Gam35guru (aka Fatman).


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